Alongside creating ceramic objects with found and reclaimed materials, Aimee Bollu is a budding curator, having co-curated an exhibition at Unit Twelve Gallery with Jennifer Collier, The Language of Objects. ‚ÄčThis exhibition included artists such as Stuart Cairns, Chein Wei Chang and Harriet Elkerton.

Aimee is proud to have been Programmes Intern for The British Ceramics Biennial and has also worked for Nottingham Contemporary and Nottingham Castle Museum and Art Gallery.

Established as new talent, Aimee is part of the Hothouse programme run by the Crafts Council UK for 2016.

Photographer: Camilla Greenwell

Aimee graduated from Nottingham Trent University with a First Class Honours degree in Decorative Arts and continues to work from her studio at Backlit in Nottingham, scouring the streets and creating new bespoke collections according to the places where she collects.


Aimee Bollu is a collector, a gatherer, an arranger of the things people have discarded and forgotten. She seeks out objects that have fallen out of use, out of society, and brings them back to life. Through the creation of hybrid objects, incorporating these found elements and newly made vessel forms, the disregarded items become meaningful once more, and possess a new value.

Aimee has an instinctive approach to design; she scours the streets, engrossed in the proccess of walking, searching, responding to the detritus of urban life. The found objects, once full of purpose but now detatched from their original meaning, take place within her collection and wait. Then comes the act of making: repititive processes of drawing, mould-making, slp-casting, turning, finishing. Simple vessel forms, in a variety of hues and materials, form the support, the framework for the display of the found objects. The found and the made are combined to become a 'new thing' with echoes of a past life, the possibilities of a new one.

Words by Melody Vaughan.