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Affordable Bathroom Makeovers

Updating your bathroom needn’t mean spending wads of cash and having your house invaded by plumbers. Simply refreshing a few elements of design and décor can make an amazing difference to the overall appearance of the room, giving your bathroom a brand new look without breaching your budget.

Make your bathroom shine

  • Get cleaning that ceiling along with tops of walls and high-up units that usually get missed.
  • Scrub with an all-purpose cleaner to clear grime and rejuvenate paintwork, and use a bleach solution to take care of mildew.
  • Use washing powder to clean the grout between tiles – leave on for a few minutes, give it a light scrub, and rinse.
  • Thoroughly clean the suite with bathroom cleanser and finish with limescale remover. Buff-dry taps and metal handles with a soft rag and watch them gleam.

Choose a style or theme

Giving your bathroom a new style direction can be a great way to refresh the look of the room. There’s no longer any need to limit yourself to seashells and sailing, the modern bathroom is capable of lending itself to almost any theme. The choices are endless – Edwardian or futuristic; rustic cabin or boutique spa; Vegas glamour, or country manor; or simply a stylish combination of colours, shapes, and textures to reflect your tastes and personality.

Hit the wall

To revitalise your existing paintwork, try giving the area a good scrub – you’ll be surprised how much brighter it’ll look. But if you do fancy getting the brushes out, a brand new splash of colour can dramatically change the whole feel of the room.

Wallpaper has been making a comeback all over the house recently, and the bathroom is no exception. Use the moisture-resistant varieties specially made for bathrooms and kitchens, and keep busy patterns to a single panel or wall unless you have a huge amount of space.

Tiled splashbacks are an easier and cheaper alternative to tiling the whole bathroom and are a great way to add accents of colour and give a fresh clean feel to the room.

Reinstate your cabinets

Grotty old cabinets can be an ugly blemish on an otherwise sparkling bathroom, especially when they’re wall-mounted at eye-level, making them the first thing that takes the eye on entering the room. If they’re falling to pieces and beyond repair, then you’re faced with little choice but to rid and replace.

But if there’s nothing wrong with them that a good spruce up wouldn’t fix, be imaginative and make your cabinets a feature you can be proud of. A glossy new paint job could work wonders, or try adding new handles, or tiling or wallpapering the doors.

Tap into today’s looks

Ugly, worn out taps can make your bathroom look decidedly dilapidated. Often, simply installing new ones will instantly modernise the suite. The variety of styles and finishes available today is vast, so you shouldn’t have any problem finding taps to suit your tastes – just make sure they’re the right fit for the holes in your sink and bath.

Shower power

How about treating your shower to a new head too? Over time, showerheads get clogged up with limescale, which reduces the amount of water that can pass through. So you might find that simply replacing the head transforms your shower from a trickle into a torrent.

And while you’re at it, how about the curtain? If your morning shower takes place behind a mouldy grey drape, it’s high time you replaced it. Shower curtains can be a great inexpensive way to add a splash of colour and personality to the room. Or, if you have a bit more to spend, exchanging your shower curtain for a glass screen is sure to make your bathroom look more modern and sleek.

Hit the deck

Because bathrooms are usually not the biggest rooms in the house (in fact they’re often the smallest), replacing the flooring might well be within your budget. From tiles, to stone slabs, to cushioned flooring, you have a range of options. Carpet is best avoided as it absorbs moisture and can become rotten and harbour germs. Wood flooring is fine so long as it’s sealed well enough, so do check before you buy. Otherwise, adding a new rug can be an easier and cheaper option. Choose something washable and you’ll be able to keep it clean and fresh much longer.

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