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Antique, Reclaimed, Vintage Wood
Antique, Reclaimed, Vintage Wood by DIYMOTIVE.COM

Antique, Reclaimed, Vintage Wood: Defining Recycled Woods and their Uses

Going green at home is a hot decorating trend that not only makes your home look fantastic but feels good for the soul as well. There’s plenty of ways in which we will make big improvements to the decor of our property with reclaimed wood. Most notably flooring and decorative accessories. Reclaimed wood, or vintage wood idea for anyone thinking about decorating on a budget.

For some the decision to go green is easy and they have no qualms about taking reclaimed, recycled and salvaged pieces and incorporating them into their home décor. For others, it’s not such an easy concept to get their heads around and they are left with images of dumpster diving and beat up used pieces of furniture. To counter the mindset of the second group and to quash today’s throw away mentality a few terms have come up in the salvage world which makes recycling a bit more palatable.

Antique Wood

Antique wood is a term that has cropped up to define wood that was harvested at least 100 years ago. This wood is generally quite durable (or it wouldn’t have lasted more than 100 years) and typically very beautiful. It tends to have the best patina, or wear pattern, and over the years has become darkened and polished with time and use. Antique hardwood flooring panels can be used in new homes to give it a warmth and unique appeal that nothing else could every replicate. Other pieces antique wood can be crafted into beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture by skilled tradesmen.

Antique wood flooring
Antique wood flooring by heritagewideplankflooring.com

Let’s be clear. This kind of finish with antique wood looks beautiful but costs a fortune. Don’t be surprised to pay around £100 per metre finished to this standard.

Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood is sometimes referred to as recycled wood, but the term recycled is a little confusing so reclaimed is the preferred word. Reclaimed wood is more than 50 years old. Oftentimes this wood has an excellent patina and incredible durability and is found in more abundance than antique wood and will cost a bit less. Take a look at this brilliant example turned into shelving. It really fits in nicely.

Reclaimed Wood
Image source. Reclaimed Wood looking really nice and genuinely a part of the room.

There is just as much flexibility with reclaimed wood as there is with antique, in fact a bit more as reclaimed wood is more prevalent. One common use of reclaimed wood is countertops. What a great way to go green.

Vintage Wood

Vintage wood is basically timber that is less than 50 years old, but quite often this term is used to describe scrap wood. A lot of people are trying hard to incorporate vintage wood into their living room areas. It’s a challenge to make cost effective, high end decoration. The term vintage really dresses up the lumber as it could simply be crates or pallets, but don’t shy away from this wood. It could be exactly what you need and by using it you’re still doing your share for the environment and in many cases this is the new decoration for pets as it’s cheap and worst case disposable if soiled beyond good cleaning. Here’s a brilliant way of using pallets. Really works I am sure you’ll agree even if it’s not to your taste.

Recycled wood pallets
Image source. Recycled wood pallets that really work.

The other way to look at vintage wood is as the name suggests. For example large fireplaces would of hard a whacking great lump of oak used as a lintel. Take a look at this beauty by ACHICA.

Vintage Wood Living Room
Vintage Wood Living Room by ACHICA

Recycled Exotic Wood

Recycled exotic wood is exactly what it sounds like. You can get that incredible wood that is grown in only one particular part of the world by not killing a tree, but by recycling what’s already past it’s sell by date. Generally, this is more expensive wood and isn’t readily available. But if you want to have a great dinner table that will draw people together and create an instant conversation, then opt for the recycled exotics. Here’s a stunning example that’s sure to get you thinking and give inspirations elsewhere in the home.

Recycled Exotic Woods
Recycled Exotic Woods thanks to etsy.com

Using recycled wood in your home is not only great for the environment and the soul, but it can provide an inspiration for your entire home and decorating scheme. Let the feel and history of the wood inspire you in ways you had never considered.

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