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Problems with toilets

Toilet problems can usually be divided into either blockages or problems with the mechanics inside the cistern. Here are some common problems with toilets and some simple repairs you can do yourself – but if in doubt, always call in a professional. Changing the valve If the inside of the valve is dirty or full of limescale, use wet and …

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Affordable Bathroom Makeovers

Updating your bathroom needn’t mean spending wads of cash and having your house invaded by plumbers. Simply refreshing a few elements of design and décor can make an amazing difference to the overall appearance of the room, giving your bathroom a brand new look without breaching your budget. Make your bathroom shine Get cleaning that ceiling along with tops of …

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Bathroom Heating & Lighting

When it comes to heating and lighting the bathroom is possibly the most important room in the house to get it right. Light is needed for personal grooming as well as just to see what you’re doing and heating is essential because, let’s face it, you’re getting naked in there! Bathroom safety: Lighting in the bathroom is subject to strict …

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