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Decorating with Mirrors: Unique Uses for Reflective Glass

Despite specked antiqued glass or scratched surfaces, mirrors are capable of enhancing home interior decor through a sense of light, space, and elegance. While traditionally reserved as wall art, mirrors are far more functional than simply filling space between pictures. Feature them as decorative trays, candle holders, Christmas ornaments, and much more.
Use antique mirrors, modern ones aged using craft techniques, or new mirrors in unique frames; the choice is limited only what’s available and what theme the artist wants to achieve.

Lighting Trays and Votive Platforms

Ornately framed mirrors in long or square shapes make perfect trays for coffee tables and side tables. The reflective surface enhances the light of candles or lamps displayed there, as well as potpourri bowls, fruit, flowers, and other centre pieces. Look at these beautiful mirrors for sale that are just not on the high street for sale, as the url suggests.

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They are a bit pricey, but my wouldn’t you just love those in your home, what a centre piece. They will light up any room.

Because of the reflective nature of mirrors, candles displayed on the tray are enhanced significantly. Place votive cups and candle holders on a mirror tray or a collection of mirrors to create a soft glow.

Miniature mirrors, such as pocket or makeup mirrors, make great platforms for a single votive candle. Place the small candle and its holder in the centre of one, and display on a serving tray or candle plate. Pile several onto a single tray to show off a brilliant glow of light from the miniature mirrors’ reflections.

candle mirror
This candle mirror idea is available from eBay for £48

Dresser and Vanity Sets

A mirror tray is also an attractive display feature on a vanity or dresser, especially antique frames which house damaged or scratched glass. Use the tray to display perfume bottles, antique dresser sets, makeup and jewelry trays, and other items.

A plain sheet of mirrored glass without the frame makes a beautiful tray for art deco ornaments or modern styles of decor. Finish any sharp edges with glass copper tape or ribbon and glue. Paint or decorative cheap mirror frames using craft paint or decoupage techniques to add a sense of style. This mirror is extremely cheap and really looks quite enhanced just from the cheap copper tape. It’s also not all that skilled, just requires a little patience and a steady hand.

copper edged mirror
Image source: copper edged mirror

Christmas Decor and Ornaments

Use small vanity mirrors of all shapes to create beautiful reflective Christmas ornaments. Paint the frames with gold enamel paint and use silver or black to create scrollwork. To create more elaborate frames, use paper mache or gold wire curled around the plain frames and secured with glue.

Use a decorative mirror as a backdrop for Nativity items, Christmas lights, holiday candles, and other decorative pieces. Multiply the twinkling colored bulbs in garlands or holiday foliage by placing a long mirror behind boughs decorating shelves or mantle pieces.

Reflective trays and mirrored glass make for beautiful decorations all year round, with myriad options for home display.

Or if you’ve got the budget why not go for something like this.

Decorative mirror for xmas
Image source: Decorative mirror for xmas

That looks immense and it’s not yet hung on the wall.  Christmas decorations and an ornate frame make some of the finest cozy feelings you’ll have. In this article we have established decorating with mirrors can be cheap and it can be costly, but the benefit to the home is without doubt. Feel free to send me any pictures of your decorating with mirrors ideas.


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