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Interior Design for Pets: Decorating for People Who Live With Animals

Unlike our babies, cats and dogs shed hair, and don’t get a bath every night. This can be hard on the furniture and carpet, but it doesn’t mean the house can’t be beautifully decorated. It’s worth keeping in mind that decorating and furnishing is for the animals also.

Interior Design for Pets

When buying sofas and chairs for the living room, keep to faux leather. Unlike fabric furniture, it won’t allow pet hair to get under the fibres, requiring tweezers to extract it. Faux leather can be easily wiped off with a damp sponge. Another alternative, if a fabric sofa is mandatory, is to buy or make slip-covers. Pottery Barn makes some very nice washable slip-covers which are rather costly.

Sofa for pets
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Those who sew can make considerably cheaper slip-covers. The average sofa requires 20 yards of material to make a sofa slip-cover, but wait until the local fabric shop like Jo Ann’s or Hancock Fabrics has a 40% off sale. They have these sales quite often. If a cat is in the house, a thick, tight weave fabric will stand up to claws better than faux leather. Here’s another way to keep your pet happy.

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Forget the carpeting, and install laminate flooring or ceramic tile. Not only will this avoid stains , but it’s much healthier for the family. If buying a room rug, try to match it as closely to the pet’s hair colour as possible. Another care-free flooring is vinyl. It can be bought in strips looking just like hardwood. It’s also a cost effective way to go.

Hardwood floor for pets and easy to clean
Image Source – Hardwood floor for pets and easy to clean

Although pets may be in the bedroom, it can still be a peaceful retreat. If the dog and cat sleep on the bed, keep a special blanket to put over the human bedding at night for the animals to lie on. In the morning, when making the bed, fold up the animal’s blanket and store in the closet. The bedspread or comforter won’t need washing as often.

Accessories for Pets

The way to make interior design stand out from the crowd is to hang beautiful art, it doesn’t have to be expensive. Buy a beautiful ceramic piece or statute that will serve as a focal point when someone enters the living room. Plants can also act as a focal point, but be sure to do research on plants that are poisonous to pets.
Draperies are magnets for dust and pet hair. Home Depot or Lowes carry very nice window blinds that are faux wood, easily washable, and they let in a lot of light.
Buy a serenity fountain, they come in beautiful styles and cats love to drink out of them. Make sure the dog doesn’t empty it in one trip to the water hole. Scented candles cover up the pet smells, and they also set a romantic mood next to the fountain.

scent candles to reduce bad pet odor
Image Source – Scent candles to reduce bad pet odour

The home is the castle. There’s no reason not to enjoy both the pets and the home. It just takes a little planning and some consideration for the four legged family members. Buy practical furniture, flooring, and window coverings and everyone will be at peace.

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