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vintage living room decor
vintage living room decor by http://www.architecturendesign.net/

Modern Vintage Living Room Decor

A blend of antique and modern furniture and decor accessories make a living room both stylish and welcoming. A modern vintage living room decor can be achieved using existing furnishings, with some unique accent pieces.

How to Mix Furniture for Living Room Decor

Achieving a stylish modern vintage living room does not have to mean buying expensive antique furniture. There are plenty of ways to create a unified design using distinct pieces of furniture.

Choose a colour scheme, and don’t be afraid to alter furniture to make it fit. Slipcovers in a neutral beige or chocolate brown are an economical way to change a couch or chair’s appearance without paying for a major reupholstering job. Add pops of colour through throw pillows in luxurious fabrics. Here’s a brilliant example of use of space, and mixing furniture with decor. I highly recommend this idea for your under stair section, you must be considerate though, many of us have pets and this decor is far from ideal for them.

furniture and decor mixed
Furniture and decor mixed by float project

Spruce up mismatched furniture with a paint job. Painting or staining is an easy way to unify a collection of secondhand or hand-me-down furniture. Choose a furniture stain or paint that is suitable for wood, sand or strip furniture as needed, and repaint. A coat of crisp white paint gives a room a beach cottage feel, while a rich brown stain will make the space feel warmer.

Living Room Storage

Modern vintage design offers many ways to incorporate storage space into a living room.
Bookshelves or built-ins. Free-standing or built-in bookshelves are an easy way to add some storage to a living room space. To add vintage flair to pre-fabricated bookshelves, try using wicker baskets to hold mail or office supplies, or break up a line of books with a few antique knickknacks. Freshen up a wall of traditional built-in bookcases with streamlined canvas storage boxes or a handful of sleek, modern vases.

Trunk or blanket chest. Use a trunk or blanket chest with a flat surface as a coffee table. Cover with a vintage scarf or other fabric to protect the lid, and use for easy access to blankets or extra magazines. there’s a brilliant example that sums this whole article up above but why not take a look at another lovely idea for storage.

Storage for living room decor
Storage for living room decor by eBay

Low benches. Create a free-standing window seat from a low bench: simply position next to a windowsill and cover in colourful cushions. Look for a bench with a hinged seat for book and magazine storage, or use the space under a bench for storage boxes or baskets. Using lights and mirrors is another is another way of increasing a space and also dramatically improves aesthetics of a living room.

Modern Vintage Accessories

These accent pieces provide function and funkiness for a modern vintage living room.

Create a tabletop anywhere with tea trays. A tray with clean modern lines or an ornate antique tea service tray is useful as a makeshift tabletop. Place a tray on a coffee table, a settee, or a footstool to add a usable surface for entertaining. You could even re-use your old tea pot as shown in this image. A great way of saving money and not throwing out useful goods.

Vintage living room accessories
Vintage living room accessories


Bookends are an easy way to incorporate a unique vintage feel and contain books at the same time. Bookends allow for creative book storage spaces: tabletops, “floating” shelves, even windowsills. Consider painting a set of dingy bookends a bright red, lime green, or crisp white to match the rest of the living room.

Decorating in a modern vintage style means working with existing pieces and a few extra accents to create a unified yet eclectic living room decor.

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