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Original sash windows in London
Original sash windows in London

Original Sash Windows and Repairs in London

We’ve all seen that beautiful sash window glass with imperfections in it. We’ve all seen a sash window that needs repairing extensively. Why do we persist in repairing and making them good? Well the bottom line answer is this. They look stunning!

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The beauty and aesthetics of a sash window just can’t be matched and the maintenance, decoration, and repairs that are a bi product of owning these beautiful pieces of architecture are worth the problems they bring and more.

Sash window repairs in London

You don’t have to panic if your sash windows are in poor condition. There are many sash window companies that can help with the repair and restoration of your sash windows. Do not automatically assume that a bit of rotten wood equates to complete sash window replacement. There are literally dozens of sash window companies that will pop around, offer a free survey, and get your sash windows back up to scratch for a fraction of the cost of replacement. You could even ask for a draught proofing system…

What is a sash window draught proofing system?

Sash window draught proofing is really important for your home. In London many Victorian properties are losing swathes of heat through their sash windows. This doesn’t need to be the case. With a simple brush pile solution you can close up all the gaps around your sash windows without entirely replacing them. Here’s a look at the brush pile and carrier installed into a sash.

Sash window draught proofing in an original sash
Sash window draught proofing in an original sash

This is extremely effective against heat loss and the Energy Savings Trust are actually calculating that per draught proof sash window you will save as much as £25! So if you consider that a draught proofing system only costs £200-£250 from most major companies you would be mad not to take full advantage of the offer.

One company that guarantees you’ll get payback on sash window draught proofing if you use them is London Sash Window Repairs Ltd. Typically their sash window draught proofing system will set you back just £200 and all the details can be found here at https://londonsashwindows.com. It also contains details of their sash window repair, and refurbishment, and double glazing services. You can take a look at their Youtube video here:

But don’t just take my word for it. You can take a look at what the news have to say about their services. They can really save you money in your home. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/london-sash-window-repairs-offer-050000824.html Basically to summarise this. Your original sash windows do not have to be a burden. The Yahoo news release was the inspiration for my article!

James Gaskin director of London Sash Window Repairs Ltd was available for comment “We take sash window restoration and repair very seriously. It’s painful to see original sash windows removed when it’s not entirely necessary. We will always repair and refurbish before considering costly replacement alternatives”. Well that’s refreshing isn’t it!

Well my sash windows are beautiful but I can’t stand the noise of my neighbours.

This is a common sash window issue and the best bet is to install double glazing into the original sash window if it’s possible. It’s the most thrifty way of making your sash windows completely up to date in terms of the technology available to improve the comfort of your home. There’s a small chance double glazing your original sash windows just isn’t possible. When they can’t fit new sash can be made as you can see in the image below. Heres a look at how beautiful sash windows can come out.

Double glazed sash windows to reduce sound proofing
Image source. Double glazed sash windows to reduce sound proofing

Remember they were designed to hold a normal piece of 3 or 4mm glass that is considerably more slender than a double glazed units. If this is the case don’t despair! The sash can simply be remade with a deeper rebate to hold a nice new double glazed unit, and what’s even better is these skilled craftsmen of London can match the style exactly the same as the originals. This works out normally around half the price of entire replacement which is of course a really good deal.

The whole original sash window refurbishment summary

Let’s break this down really quickly and make a list of points that clearly summarise the best action to take with your sash windows.

  1. Don’t throw your original sash windows away. They can be made good.
  2. Make sure you find a reputable sash window repair company and things will go very smoothly.
  3. Do draught proof you sash windows. The benefits for the environment are significant.
  4. Don’t assume you have to replace your sash windows because they have a little bit of rot
  5. Don’t entirely replace your windows for sash window sound proofing. Instead look at double glazing the original sash window options.
  6. Do maintain your sash windows properly so that it reduces unwanted costly repair bills in the future.
  7. Think about the environment and how beautiful your original sash windows are!

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