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Antique, Reclaimed, Vintage Wood: Defining Recycled Woods and their Uses

Antique, Reclaimed, Vintage Wood

Going green at home is a hot decorating trend that not only makes your home look fantastic but feels good for the soul as well. There’s plenty of ways in which we will make big improvements to the decor of our property with reclaimed wood. Most notably flooring and decorative accessories. Reclaimed wood, or vintage wood idea for anyone thinking …

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Regular Household Tasks Checklist: Weekly and Fortnightly Chores to Maintain a Tidy Home

Home Task Checklist

Many household chores need to be completed weekly. Beds need to be made and dishes need to be washed daily but we look at scheduling to keep your home in tip top condition. Other regular tasks only need to be completed every one to two weeks. To make sure that no important jobs are overlooked, or carried out too frequently …

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Choosing Green Countertop Materials: Eco-Friendly Options for Kitchen and Bathroom Countertops

Kitchen countertop materials

Sustainable design is a refurbishment concept with growing popularity. As more is learned about air quality for the people inside a home, more homeowners wish to find refurbishment products that are both safe and environmentally responsible, countertop materials are just one part of the bigger picture. Although there is no perfect countertop product, there are many materials that fit within …

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How to Save Money With Menu Planning: Plan a Household Menu and Shopping List – A Step By Step Plan to Help Families

The increasing cost of food coupled with parents and children becoming involved in more after school and evening activities often result in parents feeling at a loss as to how keep on top of evening meals and we take a look at how to save money with menu planning, to get the most from your time spent preparing. Taking some …

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Modern Vintage Living Room Decor

vintage living room decor

A blend of antique and modern furniture and decor accessories make a living room both stylish and welcoming. A modern vintage living room decor can be achieved using existing furnishings, with some unique accent pieces. How to Mix Furniture for Living Room Decor Achieving a stylish modern vintage living room does not have to mean buying expensive antique furniture. There …

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Decorating with Mirrors: Unique Uses for Reflective Glass

bright room Decorating with Mirrors

Despite specked antiqued glass or scratched surfaces, mirrors are capable of enhancing home interior decor through a sense of light, space, and elegance. While traditionally reserved as wall art, mirrors are far more functional than simply filling space between pictures. Feature them as decorative trays, candle holders, Christmas ornaments, and much more. Use antique mirrors, modern ones aged using craft …

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Interior Design for Pets: Decorating for People Who Live With Animals

interiors for pets

Unlike our babies, cats and dogs shed hair, and don’t get a bath every night. This can be hard on the furniture and carpet, but it doesn’t mean the house can’t be beautifully decorated. It’s worth keeping in mind that decorating and furnishing is for the animals also. Interior Design for Pets When buying sofas and chairs for the living …

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