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Home Task Checklist
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Regular Household Tasks Checklist: Weekly and Fortnightly Chores to Maintain a Tidy Home

Many household chores need to be completed weekly. Beds need to be made and dishes need to be washed daily but we look at scheduling to keep your home in tip top condition. Other regular tasks only need to be completed every one to two weeks. To make sure that no important jobs are overlooked, or carried out too frequently when time could be better used elsewhere we have prepared a regular household chores checklist. It’s bullet point so can be copied and pasted straight off the page. Please only replicate for personal use, if used on a website ensure we are credited by clickable link thank you.

General Household Tasks

– Carpeted floors should be vacuumed weekly. This may need to be done more frequently in households with young children or with indoor pets.
– Hard surface flooring, such as tiles, linoleum, slate and floorboards, should be swept daily and mopped weekly.

Kitchen Chores

– Grocery shopping. It is far more economical to shop weekly or even fortnightly than to call at the shops every day, if for no other reason than this limits impulse buys to once a week. It also requires a higher level of organisation, such as establishing a meal plan, which can reduce unnecessary purchases and therefore reduce the overall grocery bill.

Kitchen cleaning scheduled
Kitchen cleaning by Style Curator

– Wipe bench tops/countertops. This is generally a task completed several times a day, but every one to two weeks remove any knife blocks, canisters and other items so that the entire bench top can be cleaned.
– Stove tops and hot plates should be wiped whenever there has been a spill, and should be cleaned thoroughly once a week.


– Wash clothes. For many households, it is necessary to have more than one washing day per week. – Regularly putting on a load of washing prevents having an entire day devoted to washing and nothing else.
– Washing at least every couple of days also makes it more likely that the financial and environmental advantages of drying clothes on a clothesline or clothes airer can be taken advantage of. If the washing is only done weekly and it rains on wash day, there is no choice but to use a clothes dryer.

Laundry room setup
Image by Dalunes Damingo Laundry room setup

I know this was supposed to be bullet point but, I have to just quickly say. This setup is really going to have you time. The use of space is perfect, and it’s a really useable area.

– Clean clothes dryer lint filter. This should be done regularly after each load. Ensure that at least once a week the filter is cleaned well. The lint filter from the washing machine should also be cleaned to clear any build up of soap scum.

– Ironing. Do not allow an ironing pile to accumulate. Clothes require much less time and effort to iron soon after being dried, as there are fewer wrinkles in the material to deal with. This is a killer but its one of those chores to keep a tidy home. It has a big knock on effect when you are not on your game. the link provided shows you some great ways to get it done.


– Clean the toilet and basin. Remove items from the surface of the vanity and wipe the entire area.
Hand towels should be replaced every few days or at least weekly.

Bathroom cleaning
Image source. Bathroom cleaning

– Clean shower and bath weekly. Removing mould and soap scum regularly requires much less effort than dealing with a long-term problem. If mould builds up and penetrates the grouting between tiles, it is almost impossible to remove.

– Clean bathroom mirror.


– Remove quilts, bedspreads and/or blankets and give them a good shake.
– Change the sheets weekly.
– Polish all mirrors and glass.
– Make sure all clothes are either put away correctly or placed into the laundry hamper.

Living Areas

– In rooms regularly used by children with their toys and games, check under sofas and other furniture weekly, to retrieve small pieces that may have been misplaced.

– Remove any newspapers or magazines that may have accumulated during the week.
– Dust TV and stereo equipment as these items attract dust more readily. Lightly dust other surfaces.
– Establishing a housework checklist is a great way to make sure that no jobs are forgotten and to ensure that cleaning time is used productively.

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